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  • - Tom Johnson
    I have a house in an exclusive sector and the only company that I let enter is cleanbreak because I have never had to report anything bad.
    - Tom Johnson
  • - Joan Avina
    I recommend them to a friend as a great company and I do not regret calling them always for my special cleaning services.
    - Joan Avina
  • - Gordon Dale
    I always contract with the services of cleanbreak, give me security, confidence and I have never had complaints.
    - Gordon Dale

We specialize in the cleaning of apartments, houses, buildings and works under construction.


We take the time to investigate your professional cleaning requirements to avoid wasting time and money, each service is tailored to your exact measurement.

Cleaning Costs

As a first time customer we offer you a 10% off your first booking !
Type of service Cost Time
General cleaning service $ 1 day
Cleaning Specifies a place $ 1 day
Office clean $ 1 day
Bathroom or kitchen cleaning $ 2 hours
Sort by spaces $ 2 hours

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